Having trained virtually every Indian driver that has driven internationally over the last 15 years, the MMS Academy for Karting Racing is India’s default gurukul for motorsport aspirants. The MMS Academy is the only one of its kind in the country that...



Meco Motorsport operates some of India’s premier motorsport events in Karting and Racing. Held under the aegis of the FMSCI and supported by leading brands in the motorsport space, MMS Events are the highlights of India’s domestic racing calendar. Some of these events...



MMS is the One-Stop Shop for all motorsport gear, parts, supplies and products. Our credibility built over years of consistently delivering to the world’s leading brands makes us their most trusted Distributor in India. MMS is the Official India Distributor for the following: Rotax Kart...



As part of our mission - “Day 1 to F1”- Meco Racing enters teams in all major Indian karting and racing events. Meco Racing takes part in as under: Karting MMS-JK Tyre Rotax Rookie Max Cup - India JK Tyre National Rotax Max Karting Championship - India Asia...



MMS has set up some of the most impressive Go-Kart/Racing Tracks across the country.  Technically advanced, brilliantly designed and efficiently managed, MMS Tracks are setting the benchmark for racing venues across the country. Manned by a bevy of trained professionals, engineers, mechanics and managers,...


Meco Motorsports

“The Track is my Canvas. My Car is my Pencil” – Graham Hill

What makes an 11 year old kid get into a full body jump suit and drive a go kart lap after lap, under an unforgiving Chennai summer sun?

What drives this kid to push himself and his machine, in 40 degrees Celsius to gain one-tenth of a second in the race he is preparing for?

What are his parents thinking as they stand by the pit lane watching their kid punish himself, while the other kids watch cricket on TV?

At Meco Motorsport we know exactly what goes into making racing champions, because we have made them before and continue to make them by the heap.

"Meco Motorsport is not just a company, it is an aggregator of India's collective motorsport aspirations. Today's dreams are tomorrow's accomplishments" - Akbar Ebrahim


Upcoming Events


15th JKTyre FMSCI National Racing Championship 2012

Round 6

Venue: MMRT, Chennai
Dates: 14-16 Dec. 2012
Register:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Mobile: +91 8008855527   

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